General Questions

What is Synkrotakt?
SynkroTakt is a tool to stream many audio tracks to multiple internet-connected devices in synchronized playback. The idea originated with Cody Brookshire at the University of Georgia in 2015, and the project was funded by ICE (Ideas for Creative Exploration) in 2016. For more information about the developers of this software, see the About Us page!

What is unique about SynkroTakt?
SynkroTakt brings together synchronization, multi-track audio, and mobile device playback. This allows for a unique, immersive audience experience using a spatialized sound system without the need for expensive speaker equipment and setup!

What can I do with SynkroTakt?
SynkroTakt can be used for many things!

Potential applications include combining SynkroTakt’s technology with acoustic musical performances, dance recitals, art installations, flash mobs, and rehearsals for any synchronized performance (marching band, color guard, drill team, dance). SynkroTakt can also be used to have spatialized speaker systems for film, theatre, or social functions.

SynkroTakt is still in the early stages of development, so you have any additional ideas for using SynkroTakt or how to improve it – please send us a message!

Who can use SynkroTakt?
Anyone can use Synkrotakt! 🙂

Anyone with an appropriate device can be a participating audience member for a SynkroTakt performance. If you are interested in using SynkroTakt for your own performances or rehearsals, please stayed tuned! We are working on making SynkroTakt available online for you to create an account, where you can design and schedule performances.

What types of devices can be used for a SynkroTakt performance?
Any device with internet access and an up-to-date internet browser can be used for a SynkroTakt performance! This includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Can I create an account?
Not yet! When the SynkroTakt application is made available, anyone with a Gmail account will be able to create a SynkroTakt account!